Olde Towne Community Church

Ministry Teams

Olde Towne Community Church organizes its ministry efforts into five succinct groups, each with its own special and particular function. 
If you are interested in participating in one of our five ministry teams, please let us know at: info@oldetownecommunitychurch.com.


TEAM LEADER: Juan Gonzalez

Purpose: To create opportunities to reach out through an intentional and strong commitment to prayer, encouragement, personal contact, effective communication, community involvement, and missions giving and work.



TEAM LEADER: Marty Parks

Purpose: To plan, prepare, lead, and facilitate a fresh, worshipful experience in corporate worship that is Spirit-led, Christ-centered, God-glorifying, and life-changing - musically, vocally, technologically, and scripturally. 



TEAM LEADERS: Dana Goldman and Nora Pinter

Purpose: To promote fellowship through the planning and coordination of routine and special or seasonal events, programs, and meals; support of benevolent and bereavement needs; and supervising gifts of appreciation. 




Purpose: To build a strong foundation for spiritual growth and biblical education through the coordination and oversight of Sunday School classes, small groups, and seasonal or special events for spiritual formation. 



TEAM LEADERS: Mike Abraham and Daniel Sowers

Purpose: To oversee the maintenance and care of the church facility, grounds, parking and prayer garden; custodial needs; set up for events and programs, including outdoor activities and equipment. 


Congregational care:

TEAM LEADER: Joyce Burnett

Purpose: To provide support to church members during times of illness, bereavement, or crisis; help to assimilate new members; follow up on absentees; and be alert to particular situations or needs in the congregation that may require pastoral attention or practical assistance.